Aces Solitaire

Aces Solitaire 1.0.24

Solo player card games on your phone


  • Lots of game varients
  • Infinitely customisable
  • Logs lots of stats


  • Strange background images

The PC game of Solitaire must surely be one of the biggest distractions of the 20th century, thanks to its addictive, pick-up-and-play gameplay. These days you don't even need to be sat at a computer (or in front of a pack of cards) to enjoy the game, as Aces Solitaire proves.

The game grabs the classic solitaire game from the PC, along with 14 other variants, to help you ensure that you never get bored on the bus again. You get some real classics in here such as Spider, FreeCall, Golf and Pyramid, all of which are largely based on luck, but still require some degree of skill and observation in terms of where and when you play your cards.

One of my favourite things about Aces is the fact that it's so customisable. To prevent you from ever getting bored, you can tweak things like the number of cards to draw, the number of free cells, timer options, and number of deals. What's more, the gameboard itself can be personalised with a wide array of different backgrounds, animations, sound and vibration options.

If you're a fan of stats then you'll be pleased to here that game records are one of Aces Solitaire's strong points, and the game stores lots of information on everything you do, to help you chart your progress.

I wasn't sure about some of the backgrounds, but on the whole the game looks nice and will keepyou amused for some hours.

Aces Solitaire


Aces Solitaire 1.0.24

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