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When I discovered the 'search Google for' option in Firefox's right-click menu, I was really pleased. It's very handy and perfect for when you are reading an article and want to look up things it contains. As you can open the relevant pages 'beneath' your tab, they are there for when you are ready, but don't disturb the main piece.

Context Search is a tiny Firefox add-on that seeks to expand the power of this function. As you'd expect with an add-on, it is very discreet and doesn't seem to slow the browser down. Its only function is to offer you more immediate search possibilities when you highlight a word or phrase and right-click. As well as Google, the default search engine, Context Search adds,, Creative Commons, and Wikipedia (en). You simply select the service you'd like to use and Firefox will open up the results in a new tab beneath the one you are viewing.

Context Search is very useful for anyone who uses the right-click search function on a regular basis. If you don't already, it will take a little getting used to, but is definitely worth the effort. The Wikipedia option is especially useful, although I am sure that many users will also appreciate the other alternatives.

Unfortunately, Context Search has absolutely no options, and this really lets it down. Even if you could add or remove search engines, as you can in Firefox's own search function, it would become the perfect add-on. I don't use the American version of Amazon and I have never even looked at, and I am sure many users are in a similar position. This means that a good proportion of the search options are totally useless for some people, ruining what otherwise would have been an excellent, low-key addition to Internet browsing.

Context Search - indispensable if you are a regular user of Amazon,, Creative Commons or Ebay.

Context Search


Context Search Firefox extension 0.4.4

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