Croker 1.4

Colourful version of Poker with French cards


  • Fun version of Poker


  • Only two levels of difficulty


If you like Poker but can't quite pull the right face at the right moment perhaps you should be looking for a similar yet slightly simpler card game. And that card game could be Croker. Instead of numbers in Croker you play with pictures - frogs, pigs, dice and baskets of fruit. It's the way the French play, apparently.

As with Poker the aim of the game is to make the best possible hand from five cards and like Poker the possible combinations include pairs, three of a kind, a full house or four of a kind. Each time the cards are played a round of betting occurs until players are ready to show all their cards and see who's won.

The animated cards are very colourful and you get to play computer opponents but there are only two levels of difficulty easy and hard which is a bit annoying.

If you like Poker you'll have fun with Croker, and if you like cards games with pigs and lightbulbs you'll probably really enjoy it too.



Croker 1.4

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