Organize and synchronize everything!


  • Multi-platform capturing and access of notes and files
  • Highly intuitive Smartphone interface
  • Lets you capture web clippings


  • Web interface is a bit cumbersome


Not all of us have the memory of an Elephant, and if you're the kind of person who always forgets what you should be doing or where you're supposed to be going then it's high time you did something about it.

Evernote is an application and web service that lets you capture, store and synchronize all manner of information on your BlackBerry, PC and online, all at the same time. It allows you to store all manner of items, including text notes, voice notes, images and files.

Once you've installed the program on your device, you'll need to sign up for a free Evernote account. After this short registration process you'll be presented with a very clear and touch-friendly interface. From here, you're just a tap away from adding a text note, a handwritten ink note, taking a snapshot on your camera, recording an audio note, or uploading a file. The Settings menu in Evernote allows you to view your current monthly usage, and tweak things such as the camera resolution and the way the notes are displayed on screen.

Now, whenever you don't have your BlackBerry to hand you'll be able to access any notes or files you've added in Evernote from any web browser. These can then be edited, deleted, printed or emailed at your leisure. Personally, I found the layout of the online interface quite uncomfortable - unlike the handheld version of Evernote, the text is very small, and the strange menu system makes browsing through your items overly complicated.

From the browser-based version of Evernote you can add notes and files like with the device version. There's also a 'web clipping' tool, available as a Firefox plug-in, which lets you quickly grab web pages as you browse and save them to Evernote.

All in all, Evernote is a powerful productivity app that ensures you're never far away from your important information.




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