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Jetpack Joyride for BlackBerry 10

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Jetpack Joyride is the third game with Halfbrick Studios’s Barry Steakfries and the second distance arcade game after Monster Dash.

Players control Steakfries as he reclaims the machine gun jetpack seen in Monster Dash and attempts to go the distance again. Jetpack Joyride is a distance arcade game, keeping track of how far players get while avoiding hazards and collecting coins.

Jetpack Joyride uses the same style as previous Barry Steakfries games with the cartoon and slightly 8-bit visual style. The game has a specific graphic look that is immediately recognizable for a Halfbrick Studios game. Audio in Jetpack Joyride is also great with a soundtrack that matches the quick gameplay.

The one-touch gameplay is simple. The longer players hold their finger, the higher Steakfries will hover in the side-scrolling level. Jetpack Joyride features electronic gates, missiles, and lasers that all try to stop the player from accumulating more distance.

Jetpack Joyride features an upgrade system where players can purchase new jetpacks, character skins, and power-ups that can be used in-game.

Another excellent addition are the tokens that are collected in Jetpack Joyride. Used in a slot machine, players will randomly be rewarded different power-ups like extra coins, revival power-ups, or bombs that will extend Steakfries’ distance after the player has died in a level.

While coins are collected in-game, Jetpack Joyride also features in-app purchases. Player can purchase coins to buy items and even purchase completed missions. It is a different progression style than seen before.

Jetpack Joyride is much more than a simple distance arcade game. Players will level while playing. Completing the various challenges give coin bonuses as they level up. The challenges are varied and challenging, increasing the replayability of Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack Joyride is the perfect distance arcade game. The game offers much more than just trying to get the farthest distance in one session. The challenges are extremely fun and difficult while the upgrade store contains some of the best purchasable content of any game.

Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride for BlackBerry 10

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