Norton Online Family

Norton Online Family 1.2

Monitor your family's online life


  • Easy to set up
  • Comprehensive internet reports
  • Remote access possible


  • Site blocking not totally successful
  • Requires a lot of parental attention


Norton Online Family allows you to monitor what different users on a computer are doing in browsers and instant messengers. Receive reports on what kids are searching for, and create rules and set restrictions on websites.

With Norton Online Family installer, you need to register for an account with Norton which requires only an email and password. Then you have to create profiles for each computer user you want to monitor. It's a simple process, although each Windows profile can only be assigned to one user, so you may need to create new Windows profiles for each family member.

That is all this download does. Everything else is done via email alerts, and signing in to Norton Online Family in your browser. From there you can check activity, block or allow sites, limit access time to computers an more. Instant Messaging, for example, give you the power to block all chat, or view the conversation logs of new IM friends.

Norton stress that Norton Online Family isn't meant to be used to secretly monitor family, but rather to make children aware they are still under parental control online. They encourage dialogue and discussion about children's online life.

Norton Online Family is pretty effective. The content blocking feature isn't 100% successful, but it's pretty good, and the internet reports are comprehensive.

If you need to monitor and control kid's online lives, Norton Online Family can help a lot.

Norton Online Family


Norton Online Family 1.2

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