The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story

Piece together the shattered planet in this adventure game


  • Good graphics
  • Engaging puzzles
  • Help option


  • Some puzzles very tough


The Tiny Bang Story is an adventure role playing game set on the fictitious world of the Tiny Planet.

The plot is thus: when an asteroid hit the planet, it blasted the world into pieces. Your task is to recover the lost beauty of the planet by helping the population of Tiny Planet piece it together again. There are five chapters of gameplay during which you have to solve numerous imaginative puzzles as you point and click your way to success.

The Tiny Bang Story is a charming mix of adventure and puzzle which gradually absorbs you throughout its five chapters. There are, however, some very frustrating points where it seems impossible to find a way forward and some puzzles are too difficult to solve. However, an in-game Help feature can prompt you when the going just gets too tough.

Overall, The Tiny Bang Story is an interesting adventure/puzzle game which soon charms its users.

The Tiny Bang Story


The Tiny Bang Story

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