TICKnTALK for Firefox

TICKnTALK for Firefox 1.0.6

Get the latest Twitter stories in your browser


  • Keep up to date with the hottest Twitter stories
  • Also works as Twitter client
  • Support for all basic Twitter functions
  • Includes a built-in URL shortener


  • Twitter options are a bit too hidden
  • No support for sharing photos


TICKnTALK for Firefox is a plug-in for the Mozilla Firefox browser that lets you stay on top of the latest, hottest stories on Twitter.

After installing TICKnTALK for Firefox on your browser, you’ll see a sidebar on the left side of the interface. This is where the plug-in displays the top links on Twitter, that is, the messages with a link that have the highest number of retweets.

Thanks to the top links in TICKnTALK for Firefox, you can keep track of what’s popular on Twitter, while keeping in touch with your followers at the same time. In fact, TICKnTALK for Firefox also works as a Twitter client, though we must say it’s nowhere near other clients we’ve tried: it’s got support for all basic Twitter options, but they’re a bit too hidden.

Despite these flaws, TICKnTALK for Firefox is still a handy way to track news on Twitter, and also check how popular your site is on the social network.

TICKnTALK for Firefox is a Twitter client that's built into your browser and lets you keep track of all popular stories on Twitter.

TICKnTALK for Firefox


TICKnTALK for Firefox 1.0.6

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